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Create the Best Wine Room Under Your Staircase
Murat BaranMURAT BARAN / 20 SEP 2023

If you are a wine enthusiast looking to maximise the available space in your home, you can consider building an under stairs wine cellar.

With our bespoke wine rooms and traditional or modern wine racks, you can create a stylish wine storage area that fits perfectly under your stairs.

Under stairs wine storage - oak wood

Building A Wine Cellar Under Your Staircase

Whether you have a small space or a more extensive area, we offer bespoke solutions to meet your wine storage needs while maintaining the utmost elegance.

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When it comes to crafting the perfect wine storage space under your staircase, you have several options tailored to your specific needs and the available space.

At Fitted.Furniture, we offer the choice of using solid oak or solid pine for your cellar, ensuring both durability and elegance. Let’s delve into the possibilities.

Optimal Wine Storage

Bespoke Wine Cellar

Our bespoke wine cellar expertise extends to understanding the precise conditions for optimal wine storage. From the purpose of your cellar to the environmental conditions, we have it all covered.

We comprehend the significance of maintaining the right temperature, controlling light exposure, and managing humidity levels, all essential factors in preserving your cherished wine collection.

Wine can be stored satisfactorily between 7–18 °C. However, gradual temperature variations are key. An ideal temperature for both short-term storage and long-term ageing of wine is around 13 °C.

So, at Fitted.Furniture, we create bespoke spaces where your wine can evolve and mature gracefully, enhancing your overall wine experience. 

Fitted Solutions for Small Spaces

You can still store your wine collection creatively if you have a small space.

Creative wine storage ideas and options in limited spaces include wall-mounted wine racks, stackable wine boxes, compact wine cabinets, under-counter wine fridges, and wine coolers designed to fit under countertops.

Whether you have a compact nook or a more extensive area under your stairs, our team can design and build a small wine cellar that maximises the available space while meeting your storage needs.

Basement Solutions

Under Stairs Wine Room for Your Basement

Creating a wine room in your basement presents unique opportunities and challenges. With our experience, we ensure that your wine collection benefits from the ideal conditions for storage.

Our solutions include options for glass doors, allowing you to choose between a classic design with a frame or a modern frameless option. These doors not only add an element of sophistication but also assist in maintaining the optimum humidity levels and light exposure within the cellar.

If you’re considering the transformation of the under stairs space in your basement into a dedicated wine room, Fitted.Furniture offers tailored solutions to bring your vision to life.

Wine Racks and Shelving

For individuals searching for convenient, pre-made wine storage solutions, we provide a selection of wine racks available in standard sizes and materials.

Our wine racks and shelves are thoughtfully designed to effortlessly blend into diverse interior design styles, ensuring that your wine storage solution harmonizes seamlessly with the aesthetics of your home.


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FAQs About Fitted Under Stairs Storage

Explore our FAQs for expert answers on wine storage and cellar design. Still have questions? Contact us.

What is the average cost of building an under stairs wine cellar?

The cost of an under stairs wine cellar varies based on size, materials, and features chosen. On average, it can range from £1,500 to £10,000 or more.

For an accurate estimate based on your needs, consult Fitted.Furniture, a professional wine cellar builder.

How can you utilise the space under your stairs for wine storage?

The space under your stairs can serve as an excellent wine cellar location. Install wine racks or shelving systems to accommodate your bottles. For larger spaces, consider constructing a custom wine cellar.

Are there specific considerations when building a wine cellar under stairs?

When building an under stairs wine cellar, ensure proper insulation and ventilation to control temperature and humidity levels for optimal wine storage. Additionally, assess the structural support needed for the weight of wine bottles.

What are some creative ideas for storing wine in small spaces?

In limited spaces, creative wine storage options include wall-mounted wine racks, stackable wine boxes, compact wine cabinets, under-counter wine fridges, and wine coolers designed to fit under countertops.

Can glass doors be installed for an under stairs wine cellar?

Yes, glass doors can be added to an under stairs wine cellar, offering an attractive display for your wine collection. Ensure the glass is insulated and UV-protected to safeguard your wine.

Are there unique design options for an under stairs wine cellar?

Numerous design options are available for under stairs wine cellars, including various materials (wood, metal, glass), lighting choices, climate control systems, and even tasting areas.

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