17 Under Stairs
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Transform Your Awkward Space with Style
Murat BaranMURAT BARAN / 28 SEP 2023

Many homes have unused space under the stairs. People often don’t notice this under stairs storage space, but it can be very valuable if you are looking for ideas to make the most of your home. By being creative and planning well, you can turn your awkward space into a useful and good-looking part of your house.

Since you’ve already recognised the potential of your under stairs space and are eager to make a change, here are 17 ideas to help you transform your under-stairs area.

Under stairs reading nook
Under stairs pull out storage


Under Stairs Pantry

Utilise the hidden space beneath your staircase by establishing an under-stairs pantry storage. Here, tailored shelving aligns perfectly with varied storage requirements, ensuring all your ingredients and kitchen tools are neatly organised and within arm’s reach. This idea of practicality and aesthetics elevates functionality and appeal.

Under stairs sitting area with shelves


Sitting Area

Imagine a snug spot right under your stairs where plush cushions meet well-fitted furniture with ambient lighting. The under stairs sitting area is your new favourite place to curl up with a book, chat with a friend or have a good time with your other half. This sitting area is more than just a corner under your stairs; it’s a quiet escape where you can take a break and enjoy some peaceful moments.

Fitted closet under the stairs


Laundry Closet

Ever thought about the space beneath your staircase? It can be more than just storage. Consider converting it into a practical laundry area. With just the right fit, a washing machine and tumble dryer can nestle in perfectly. Add a few shelves above for detergents and essentials, and you’ve got a convenient, space-saving laundry solution right in the heart of your home. It’s a smart way to utilise that often-overlooked nook.

Under stairs dog kennel


Under Stairs Dog Room

Are you looking for a unique spot for your dog? The space beneath your staircase might be the answer. Imagine turning it into a cosy dog house. Instead of a traditional kennel or cage, this area can be a comfortable crate for your pet. Soft bedding and their favourite toys become a personal space for them to relax and feel safe. It’s a thoughtful way to give your dog its special nook while efficiently using the available space in your home.

Under stairs cat room


Under Stairs Cat House

Your under-stairs space offers a “purr-fect” opportunity for a cat haven. By introducing a soft bed and some playful toys, this spot can transform into a dedicated cat room. Cats love finding cosy corners to curl up in, and this setup provides just that. With a little creativity, the under stairs area becomes a serene retreat for your feline friend, blending comfort with clever use of home space.

Under stairs gaming room


Gaming Room

Turn your under stairs space into a dynamic & specialised gaming nook, where top-tier gaming PCs and consoles interface flawlessly with crystal-clear monitors or screens. This is all anchored by ergonomic seating, ensuring both competitive and casual gamers enjoy optimal performance and comfort under the stairs.

Under stairs home office and gaming space


Under Stairs Office Space

Tucked beneath the staircase, there’s potential for a quiet workspace. By adding a sleek desk and a comfortable chair, this area can evolve into a functional office space. Whether for studying, working, or just organizing household tasks, this setup offers a dedicated spot right in your home. It’s a smart way to use space, turning an often-overlooked corner into a productivity hub.

Under stairs shoe and coat storage


Coat Storage Cabinet

You can consider crafting your under stairs space into a handy coat storage cabinet. With hooks for jackets, shelves for shoes and drawers for other essentials like hats, and scarves; this spot becomes a go-to place when heading out or coming home. It’s a neat way to keep coats organized and easy to grab, all while making the most of the available space in your home.

Fitted closet under the stairs


Pull Out Drawers

Maximise the potential of the space beneath your staircase with pull-out storage units. These sliding compartments are perfect for organising items like toys, shoes, or seasonal decorations. Easily accessible and neatly tucked away, the pull-out design ensures everything has its place. It’s a clever way to declutter and efficiently use that often-overlooked area in your home.

Under stairs wine cellar


Wine Cellar

You can transform the space beneath your staircase into a stylish wine cellar. With racks to hold your favourite bottles and a spot for a wine cooler, it becomes a special place to store and chill your collection. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or just like to have a bottle ready for special occasions, this setup offers a unique way to use the space in your home while keeping your wines at the perfect temperature.

Under stairs library & bookshelves


Library & Bookshelves

The space beneath your staircase offers a unique opportunity for a home library. Equipped with bookshelves tailored to hold a range of book sizes, it becomes a haven for book lovers. Whether you have a collection of adventure tales, mystery novels, or classic literature, each book finds its place. This setup organizes your cherished reads and adds a literary charm to your home, creating a cosy corner for reading and unwinding.


Under Stairs Dining Room

Think of setting up a compact dining area under your staircase. With a small table and some cosy chairs, this spot can transform into an intimate dining room. It’s a unique way to enjoy meals, especially in homes where space is at a premium. This arrangement not only saves space but also adds a special touch to your meal times.


Children's Play Area

Transform the space beneath your stairs into a children’s playroom nook. In this special den, vibrant colours meet soft cushions, creating a safe and fun environment. This playroom becomes a magical spot where imagination runs wild, and every corner is an adventure waiting to happen. It’s not just a nook; it’s a world where playtime stories come to life for your kids.


Reading Nook

A comfy chair, soft light, and a few bookshelves can transform this spot into a quiet escape for book lovers. It’s a cosy corner that blends relaxation with imagination.


Closet Door

Utilize the unique slope beneath your staircase with an angled closet door. This design offers efficient storage for shoes, coats, or other items.


Sewing Station

With a table for your sewing machine, shelves for fabrics, and storage for tools, your under-the-stairs becomes a streamlined space for all your sewing tasks.


Indoor Garden

The space beneath your staircase can bloom into a beautiful indoor garden. Use planters with colourful flowers or lush plants; properly lighting makes this space a refreshing green oasis in your home.

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The importance of under stairs storage solutions cannot be overstated.

Not only do they provide a practical solution to clutter, but they also contribute to a tidy home and a peaceful mind.

Imagine walking into your home and seeing everything in its place, giving you a sense of tranquillity.