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Creating the Ultimate Gaming Space
Murat BaranMURAT BARAN / 21 SEP 2023

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you know how important having a dedicated space for your gaming setup is. However, not everyone has the luxury of a spare room that can be transformed into a game room. That’s where under stairs gaming rooms come in.

These compact and cosy spaces are perfect for creating your own little gaming haven. Whether you’re a console or a PC gamer, a gaming room under your staircase can be the perfect solution for your gaming needs.

Bespoke under stairs gaming room

Designing Your Under Stairs Gaming Room

When creating an under stairs gaming room, understanding the space you must work with is crucial. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the dimensions of the space under your stairs and discuss how to make the most of both big and small spaces.

The dimensions of the space under your stairs will vary depending on the design and layout of your home. To accurately measure the space, we recommend using a tape measure to measure the area’s height, width, and depth.

Once you have these measurements, we can begin planning your gaming room’s layout. However, we understand that measuring a space accurately can be challenging, and you might not want to go through this phase yourself.

That’s why, at Fitted.Furniture, your trusted cabinet maker, we offer a no-obligation, free home measure service. Our team of experts will visit your home and take precise measurements of your under stairs space, ensuring that every detail is accounted for. This service eliminates the hassle of measuring on your own and provides you with the peace of mind that your gaming room design will be based on accurate measurements.

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Ample Space vs. Small Space

If you’re lucky enough to have a big space under your stairs, you’ll have plenty of room to create the ultimate gaming setup. You could install a large TV or projector screen, a comfortable couch or gaming chair, and even a mini-fridge or snack bar.

However, if you have a small space to work with, don’t worry! You can still create a functional and stylish gaming room with some clever bespoke design choices.

Consider using space-saving furniture such as a fold-down desk or wall-mounted shelves. You could also install lighting fixtures to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

To make the most of your available space, contemplate the formation of a dedicated gaming nook. This carefully crafted space will be optimally designed to house all your gaming essentials, including gaming consoles, chairs and intelligently integrated storage solutions for your cherished game collection.

In conclusion, understanding the dimensions of your under stairs space is key to creating a successful gaming room. Whether you have a big or small space to work with, we have plenty of design options to help you make the most of the area.

Designing Your Gaming Room

Planning the Perfect Gaming Setup

When planning your under stairs gaming room, several factors must be considered to ensure that it is comfortable and functional.

Ergonomic Desk and Gaming Chair

The cornerstone of any gaming room is the gaming setup. Equipping your space with an ergonomic desk and a comfortable gaming chair is of paramount importance, especially for extended gaming sessions. At Fitted.Furniture, we offer a range of customisable options to ensure your setup fits seamlessly within the confines of your under stairs area.

Wall-Mounted Storage

In scenarios where space is at a premium, wall-mounted storage emerges as a lifesaver. Our wall-mounted cupboards and shelves provide elegant yet practical solutions for organising your gaming accessories, ensuring everything remains within arm’s reach, creating a clutter-free gaming haven.

Ambient Lighting

The creation of the perfect gaming atmosphere hinges on effective lighting. Consider incorporating adjustable lighting elements to set the mood. Whether it’s vibrant LED strips or unique lighting fixtures, we possess the expertise to assist you in crafting the ideal lighting scheme for your under stairs gaming room.

Gaming Themed Decor

For those who wish to infuse their gaming room with a reflection of their passion, explore the realm of gaming-themed decor. From posters and wall art to meticulously chosen paint schemes, these personalised touches can elevate your gaming space to your own realm.

Gaming Equipment Setup

The setup of your gaming equipment is crucial for optimal performance. Ensure your gaming PC or console is placed in a well-ventilated area to prevent overheating.

Organize your cables and wires to avoid clutter and tangling. Use cable ties or clips to keep them neat and tidy. Consider using a cable management system to hide your cables and wires from view.

In summary, when planning your gaming nook, consider the size of the space, the equipment you will be using, and the style you want to achieve. Choose a desk and chair that are comfortable and functional, and consider the lighting and equipment setup to enhance your gaming experience.

Transforming the Under Stairs Area and Designing the Gaming Room

With a little creativity and effort, this awkward space can be transformed into a functional and stylish area that adds value to your home.

From Closet to Gaming Room

You can create a cosy and comfortable space to play your favourite games. Start by clearing out any clutter and installing shelves or cabinets to store your gaming equipment. Add a comfortable chair, a gaming console, and a TV, and you’re all set.

Or request help from your bespoke cabinet maker, Fitted.Furniture 🙂

When designing our under stairs gaming room, we had to consider various important factors such as wall colour, flooring, and furniture. By making informed decisions based on your needs and preferences, we can create a comfortable and functional space you can enjoy for hours.

Personal Touch: Themed Gaming Rooms

A themed gaming room can be a fun way to inject some personality into your space. Whether you’re a fan of sci-fi, fantasy, or retro gaming, there are plenty of ways to incorporate your favourite themes into your gaming room. Here are some ideas:

  • Sci-fi: Add some space-age decor, such as glow-in-the-dark stars or a model spaceship. Hang posters or artwork from your favourite sci-fi franchises, such as Star Wars or Doctor Who.
  • Fantasy: Use medieval-style decor, such as wrought iron candleholders or tapestries. Hang posters or artwork from fantasy franchises, such as The Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones.
  • Retro gaming: Use bright colours and geometric patterns to create a retro feel. Display vintage gaming consoles or posters from classic games, such as Pac-Man or Space Invaders.

Benefits of Your Gaming Room

Personal Man Cave

Drawing inspiration from the concept of a “man cave“, your under stairs gaming room can also be a place to escape and enjoy your hobbies, whether watching sports or playing video games. Psychologist Scott Haltzman emphasises the importance of having a personal space to call your own; your gaming room can provide just that.

Social Hub

Your gaming room can evolve into a lively social hub. Inviting friends for thrilling multiplayer gaming sessions, with delectable snacks and an electrifying competitive spirit, is a splendid way to utilise the space.

Space Conversion

By harnessing the potential of an underutilised space and transforming it into a gaming room, you’re effectively maximising the functionality of your home. This transformation offers a valuable addition to your property and a practical one.


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FAQs About Fitted Under Stairs Storage

Explore our FAQs for expert answers on gaming room design. Still have questions? Contact us.

How much does it cost to create an under stairs gaming room?

The cost of creating an under stairs gaming room can vary significantly based on your specific requirements and the space size. On average, it can range from £1,000 to £10,000 or more. It’s important to note that these costs primarily encompass materials for gaming cupboards, chairs, desks, and decor.

For an accurate estimate based on your needs, consult Fitted.Furniture, a professional gaming room builder.

What are the best gaming setups for small under stairs spaces?

Optimising a compact under stairs space for gaming necessitates astute design choices. Look for space-efficient gaming desks, explore wall-mounted storage solutions, and contemplate minimalist gaming chair options to maximise the available area.

At Fitted.Furniture, our mission is to transform your under stairs space into the gaming room of your dreams.

What are some unique ideas for under stairs gaming rooms?

Fuel your imagination with innovative concepts for your under stairs gaming room. Consider incorporating elements such as a green screen for streaming, themed decor that resonates with your favourite games, or even a secret gaming room concept to infuse an element of intrigue.

How can I enhance the comfort of my under stairs gaming room?

To elevate the comfort of your under stairs gaming room, consider investing in plush gaming chairs with adequate lumbar support, installing cosy carpeting, and fine-tuning your lighting to minimise glare and reduce eye strain.

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