Bespoke Under Stairs Cat House

Creating a Cat Haven Beneath Your Stairs
Murat BaranMURAT BARAN / 28 SEP 2023

Many of us share our homes with beloved feline companions. At Fitted.Furniture, we appreciate the importance of providing a comfortable area for our cats.

In this article, we introduce you to the concept of the “Understairs Cat House“. This solution optimises your space while offering a secure room for your furry child.

Under stairs cat house with two ginger cats and a cat bed

Discovering the Potential of Under Stairs Space

Understairs cat houses are versatile; they can be integrated into various areas of your home, such as hallways, living rooms and basements.

Our bespoke fitted furniture solutions can help you maximise this underutilised space, providing your cat with a comfortable retreat.

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When designing an understairs cat house, we prioritise both functionality and aesthetics.

Our skilled craftsmen aim to incorporate this space into your home’s decor seamlessly. Whether it’s a discreet cat room or an elegant cat cupboard, we aim for a harmonious blend of form and function.

Craftsmanship for Cat Royalty

Tailoring Cat Furniture to Suit Your Pet

Each cat has its unique preferences and needs. Some may prefer a cosy cat bed, while others might enjoy the luxury of a cat bedroom or an engaging cat playroom.

Customisation is key here; the furniture should cater to your cat’s personality and habits. Additionally, including a cat door ensures easy access for your pet.

Addressing Practical Aspects

Practicality is crucial in any understairs cat house. Ensuring that your cat’s litter box and tray are seamlessly incorporated into the design can simplify maintenance and keep your living space clean and organised.

Aesthetic Appeal Meets Functionality

Fitted furniture solutions aim to enhance your home’s aesthetics. You can choose from various colours and finishes to match your decor seamlessly. Cupboards are designed to discreetly house your cat’s essentials, maintaining a tidy appearance.

Indoor Comfort for Your Feline Friend

The unpredictable British weather makes an indoor sanctuary essential for your cat’s comfort and well-being. Your pet can enjoy a peaceful rest, shielded from outdoor elements.

Incorporating Under Stairs Cat and Dog Houses

If you’re a pet owner with both feline and canine companions, you might wonder if you can make the most of the available space by combining under stairs cat and dog houses.

Alternatively, if you have multiple understairs areas in your home, consider exploring under stairs dog house ideas to provide comfort and shelter for your four-legged family members.

Crafting Unique Spaces

Fitted Cat House Solutions

When creating the perfect understairs cat house that integrates perfectly with your home’s design and caters to your pet’s specific needs, consider Fitted.Furniture’s bespoke cat house designing and installation services in the UK.

Our bespoke cat house services encompass the following:

Tailored Design: We work closely with you to understand your vision and your cat’s needs. Whether you envision a cosy cat bed nook, an extravagant cat bedroom, or an interactive cat playroom, our design experts will bring all of your under stairs storage ideas to life.

Customisation: We offer a wide range of finishes, colours, and materials to ensure that the final product seamlessly integrates with your home’s decor.

Expert Installation: Our experienced craftsmen ensure the installation process is smooth and hassle-free. We pay meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring that the final product meets our high standards of quality.

Practicality: We understand the importance of practicality in a cat house. Our designs incorporate features like a discreet litter box and litter tray integration, making maintenance a breeze.

Shared Spaces: If you have cats and dogs, we can explore options for shared spaces that cater to all your pets’ needs, fostering harmony in your home.

DIY Support: For those who enjoy hands-on projects, we offer guidance and tips to help you create your own understairs cat house.

Contact us or book a no-obligation free home measure appointment today to discuss how we can turn your understairs area into a bespoke cat house that both you and your cat will adore.

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What's the advantage of bespoke fitted furniture for my under stairs cat house?

Bespoke fitted furniture ensures that every inch of space is optimised for your cat’s comfort and your home’s aesthetics. It’s a perfect blend of functionality and style.

How can I create an under stairs cat house on a budget?

A budget-friendly understairs cat house is possible through DIY ideas and repurposing existing furniture.

You can always get valuable guidance from a professional cabinet maker like Fitted.Furniture to accomplish this.

Can the under stairs space be shared between my dog and cat?

Your under stairs storage space can serve as a dual-purpose haven, catering to both your cat and dog simultaneously.

Our adaptable custom designs are versatile enough to create a harmonious living space for all your furry companions.

How do I pick the perfect colour and finish for my cat's furniture?

The choice of colours and finishes is crucial, as they should harmonise with your home decor and create a soothing ambience for your cat(s).

At Fitted.Furniture, our cabinet makers understand your feline friends’ needs and provide a diverse selection of colours and finishes, allowing you to achieve both style and comfort for your cats.

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